Wouldn’t it be great if you had
someone to guide you from the dream
stage of retirement to the create stage?

Are you at that point in your life where retirement is a stark reality?

Are you confused as to what your retirement will actually look like? What will you be doing? What do you really want do? What’s the ideal vision for your retirement?

What do you do to get that vision? Is it even possible? Can you have that retirement business? Can you make that trip around the world?

Let me help you make it clearer and make it possible. 

Retirement coaching will open your eyes to vast resources you have around you–and not just your retirement fund. We will discover together what your dream retirement is and create a map to jump the hurdles you have to getting there–right now–not when you’re ready to retire but when you’re still far away enough to just see it on the horizon. Let’s create a map to your retired life with your family, travel and new business vistas. Whatever it is–it’s up to you…

Most literature talks about what you need to do financially and teases you with the possibilities that retirement can bring. But, who really takes you through this stage and guides you through steps tailored just to you? How many retirement coaches really give you the tools you need to live a healthy, wealthy, balanced retirement you can be truly happy in? Not many. But I will.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.
I’ve already been there.
I can offer you experience enhanced retirement coaching.  

I was once a financial advisor. I learned that though people felt they were unique, I could break down their issues into 6 categories.

  1. Financial Position
  2. Investments
  3. Education Planning
  4. Protection Needs
  5. Retirement
  6. Estate

So, what will I do that’s different to guide you into your new, healthy and happy retirement? I’ll give ALL the areas of your life that needs nurturing and attention in order to live that ideal well-rounded retirement without stress and concern.

I will offer my experience in:

  1. Career and Work Arena
  2. Health and Wellness Arena
  3. Financial and Insurance Arena
  4. Family and Relationships Arena
  5. Leisure and Social Arena
  6. Personal Development

To Contact Rosemary Nixon

Phone: (561) 706-5338
Email: [email protected]