Retirement Coaching South Florida

Is Retirement Planning Right for You?

The ideal time to start planning for retirement is 5 – 10 years before the anticipated retirement date.  This gives you time to put all the elements in place, including finances, so that you are ready for the challenges of change on day one.  However, it is also for those who find themselves unexpectedly retired and need to develop a plan fast!  Finally, it is also for that person who looked forward to retirement, planned for it financially, and has enjoyed the leisure, the travel, the golf, tennis and bridge, but finds they are restless, not feeling relevant and want something new for themselves, but never developed the techniques needed to create  it.

Coaching Services: How it works.

In the initial visit, together, we will discover your position and attitude about where you are on retirement.

We will conduct an initial discovery session regarding any planning you’ve done for your retirement, if any. We will gauge your feelings about your financial readiness for retirement and whether you are working with an actual financial advisor.

Then we can venture into the main thing we do. Find out what you want your retirement to really look like.

Not financially but the life you will be living.

We will discuss your family dynamic and if your retirement will be as a retiring couple or single and how far away you are from that.

We will explore your feelings about your current work life and how you see that playing out as you transition into retirement.

We will explore your thoughts about enrichment opportunities. Will you be engaging in volunteer work? Do you think retirement would make a void in your life in any area? If so, what will you fill it with? Will you write your retirement memoirs? Will you take up an artistic or literary endeavor? Maybe go back to school or start a business you’ve always dreamed of.

How will you maintain a sense of purpose?

We will explore your dreams—anything as yet unfulfilled? What of those dreams do you want to accomplish? What have you always wanted to do, but never got the chance?

We will open the door to what your philosophy really is about retirement.
Do you even believe in retirement?

Have you discussed end of life planning such as a will. Will you be downsizing your family home? Will you be traveling the country in an RV and spending time in different areas all year or seasonally? Have you decided how you will handle your own aging parents?

The Next Steps:

Once we decide to work together, you will complete the Retirement Success Profile that will answer questions for you and us. This will also give you absolute freedom in choose how you want to approach some of the categories below and discuss them with whomever you choose.

Categories Covered in Profile:

  • Work Attitude: How active do you want to be? How do you feel about resting after so many years at work? Do you have any fears about stopping?
  • Do you have any interest in a new career?
  • Do you want to volunteer?
  • Money Issues: Explore how comfortable you are financially. Do you have a plan to maintain your financial status quo or to make more money?
  • Health Issues: How is your current state of health and that of your partner? How do you plan to maintain or improve your health?
  • Family Issues: Do you still have kids at home and what’s the plan for them? Do you have aging parents? What’s the plan for caring for them if any?
  • Personal development issues: How do you visualize your retirement regarding how you will use your time? How will you develop as a person.
  • Socialization issues: How do you visualize your social life? Will you engage in group activity—go on solo ventures or both?
  • Hobbies / Interest: Will you develop hobbies and interests to maybe sharpen a talent?
  • Aging and Place: Relocation, Over 55, positives and negatives on where to live.

It is up to you, the client, to empower yourself with the help of the coaching strategies in this program.

Personal Coaching Can Make the Difference in
Creating That New Lifestyle!