• Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

When I was a financial advisor, I found that people tended to fall into one of 3 categories:  those with sufficient resources, know-how and confidence who didn’t need help; those who had few resources and little capacity to understand what needed to be done; but the great majority of clients had some resources and some capacity to do what was needed, but more importantly, they knew they didn’t know what they needed to know and were willing to accept help (and willing to pay for it!)

The same applies to retirement planning of a non-financial nature.  I believe most people fall into the third group:  they know they need help in defining what they want for their retirement and how to create it.  This is what retirement coaching is all about and why it is growing in popularity.  Personally, I have always felt people fall into two general categories:  those who like to create new things and those more suited to maintaining things or following established  and well-marked paths in life.  I tend to be someone who likes to create new careers, new lifestyles, new adventures.  But the reality is we are all “creating our lives”, day by day, whether we want to acknowledge that or not, by the choices and decisions we make.   Do you believe we can all create “something new” in our lives? In retirement coaching, you create your life on purpose!

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